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Eco-Rally Partners significant contribution. Rosseti, ABB, Mercury Tower, Mercedes-Benz.
Charging infrastructure for the Eco-Rally was provided by PAO Rosseti (Department of the Technological Development & Innovations, regional subsidiaries, MRSK of Center, MRSK of North-West delegated teams of engineers which met Eco-Rally Teams and provided technical support on escort cars in 8 cities, 8 villages of 4 regions at charging points every 70 km even at minus 15°C, heavy snow and strong wind (Eco-Rally on Jan 20-21 and Feb 10-11, 2018).
ABB provided fast DC chargers ABB Terra 53 (98 kW) and technical support. One of them was installed and switched in Valday (Novgorod region right in the middle of the way Moscow- Saint Petersburg) and on Dec 2, 2017 for the first time it made possible the non stop trip of models of electric cars from Moscow to St.Petersburg and backwards. This fast ABB DC charger (98 kW, standards CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2, charging 2 electric cars at once, all models) has charged hundreds of electric cars since Dec 2, 2017 and still there charging for free. Also on Dec 2, 2017 for the first time in Russia 2 fast DC chargers (ABB) were installed at 1 place at the Mercury Tower Moscow City and we did charity drives on all electric cars for kids and for the Charity Foundation "Performer" of famous actors and performers of the respected age.
GK Megapolis provided Mercury Tower for press conferences (floor 40), Start/Finish, office facilities especially for round table meetings of world leading producers and state officials, place for electric car drifts at the Start.
Mercedes-Benz provided smart electric drive cars, technical support and participated in the round table meeting on Dec 2, 2017.

Eco-Fest 2019
Eco-Fest 2019
Eco-Fest 2019
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Eco-Fest 2019
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