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Cup-2018 Finals

They think they know the future. But we create it now.
September 8 - Robo Eco-Race, September 9 - ABB Formula E, from September 8, 2018 - Qualifies every 2 weeks - Cup-2019 (1) Amsterdam/ Lisbon<=>Saint Petersburg<=>New York City; (2) Amsterdam<=>Cape Town (S.Africa); (3) Amsterdam<=>Melbourne (Australia); (4) Anchorage (USA) <=>Santa Cruz (Argentina)

News. 2018

February Trans-Continental Rally Stage RU1 Winners Eco-Teams: "Melman" (Captain Vladimir Rakitsky, electric BMW i3), "EnergyGeek" (Captain Denis Sysoev, electric Nissan Leaf), "Cyberrush" (Captain Igor Volkov, Tesla Model S P85+).
Record time, heavy snowfall, -10'C, 785 km from Mercury Tower Moscow City to the President Library in Saint Petersburg by public roads with video reports at all Rally checkpoints.

World Tech News

Cars, chargers, batteries, engines, new energy. Electric, hydrogen, solar, robo artificial intelligence, aero.
On April 2, 2018 the Department of Motor Vehicles of California will start permissions to test AI robo cars on public roads without people but remotely controlled. The same time Nissan and DeNA will start Easy Ride taxi in Japan without drivers but remotely controlled.

17 international Eco-Teams in 8 Rallies and 26 Rallies ahead

17 international Eco-Teams on electric Tesla, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, smart electric drive, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, EL Lada took part in 8 Rallies Stage Moscow-St.Petersburg of the Trans-Continental Rally from October 2017 till February 2018.
The Finals Table will provide advantages to the Eco-Teams which boldly performed in the hard weather and road conditions, snowfall, rain, low temperatures. The Finals of the 2018 Trans-Continental Rally on electric, hydrogen, solar, AI robo (with artificial intelligence), aero cars Amsterdam<=>Saint Petersburg<=>New York City (RU-USA "New Amsterdam") will take place from May 25 till July 15, 2018 with the simultaneous start from Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam, New York City in opposite directions on the 2nd day of the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum and from New York City with a pit stop in Moscow at the opening of the World football Cup. Additional Starts are on June 2 and 9, 2018. The purpose of the Rally: development of environmentally friendly transport and infrastructure (fast charge networks, hydrogen-electro-wind-solar systems, remote charging in traffic), freedom of electric cars from the borders of cities and long-distance travel; new technologies in power engineering, artificial intelligence, electro, hydrogen, solar, AI robo-transport; protection of the environment, noiseless and clean roads, trees, measures to protect animals from roadside deaths; adventure and travel from the extreme west to the extreme east across Russia and the United States for 19,200 km (average car mileage per year); culture events; Far East development.

PAO Rosseti, ABB, Mercury Tower, Mercedes-Benz Russia significant Partner contributions.

PAO Rosseti made a charging infrastructure for the Rally (Department of Technological Development and Innovation, DZO subsidiaries, MRSK of Center, MRSK of North-West) in 8 cities, 8 villages of 4 regions, assisted on escort cars at 11 charging points every 70 km even at minus 15'C, heavy snow and wind (like in January 20-21 Rally), ABB provided fast charging station ABB Terra 53, Mercury Tower provided the conference (floor 40), reception, Start and office facilities, Mercedes-Benz Russia provided smarts electric drive and participated in the Round table on new technologies). Since Dec 2, 2017 the ABB fast charging station of all standards has been charging 2 electric cars at once of all models in Valday (Novgorod region) which for the first time let all electric cars to travel fast from Moscow to St. Petersburg. For the first time 2 fast-chargers at 1 place and in Moscow City.
On Feb 10, 2018 the Rally Eco-Teams passed 785 km by M10 and M11 highways across Moscow, regions of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod, Leningrad regions and St. Petersburg with chargers at the Mercury Tower Moscow City, Solnechnogorsk, Mokshino, Poddubki (Tver), B. Kiselenka (Torzhok), V.Volochok, Bologoe, Valday, Winy, Myasnoy Bor, Novgorod, Syabrenitsy, St.Petersburg at fast charging stations ABB Terra 53 of ABB and Rosseti and other stations - FORA (GRPZ KRET "Rostekh"), EVLink (Schneider Electric). On Feb 11 the Rally Eco-Teams on all the way back to Moscow from St. Petersburg were recharged by the subsidiaries of Rossetti.

Next Rallies 2018. New Stages, Eco-Teams

All 9 Rally Stages at 8-10:00 from Mercury Tower Moscow City on March 10, 17, 31, April 14, 28, May 12 , 13 (Moscow City Eco-Race 260.52 km, like Monaco Formula 1; ABB FIA Formula E is invited), from May 25 till July 15 a non-stop Rally Finals (with pit-stops in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Anadyr (Vladivostok), Sitka, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, New York City), Sept 8, 22, Oct 6, 20, Nov 3, 17, Dec 1, 15.
We welcome all our friends and Eco-Teams. Winners of each car class will be allowed to the Rally Cup Finals, II and III place in the Rally and each Stage for speed, reliability, efficiency of Eco-Teams and manufacturers. We invited the Eco-Teams of the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, the Republic of Korea, all cities of Russia, universities (including their own electric and solar cars)of Russia, the US and 32 countries, the World Solar Challenge, Jackie Chan, A.Schwartzenegger, L.Besson, J.Statham, M.Damon, L.DiCaprio, J.Bieber, E.Cutcher, A.Gore, S.Woznyak on their electric cars, the Gazprom team, "KAMAZ", "AvtoVAZ" and others. Registration:,, +7499 381 1071 (7 days/24 hours).

Dec 2 and 23, 2017. Records of 2 smarts ED

For the first time 2 smarts electric drive successfully passed non-stop 785 km from the Mercury Tower Moscow City to the President Library in Saint Petersburg. 2 Eco-Teams on these 2 smarts electric drive: the Eco-Team of ladies (Irina Uvarova and Olga Ershova) and the Eco-Team of gentlemen (Michael Makhov, Andrey Bogolyubov, Alex Chupilkin).

November 18, 2017. Records. Eco-Team of France (Samy Naceri, Mourad Bouraoui)

Captain eco-pilot Samy Naceri (the winner of the Golden Palm, Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival, hero of Luc Besson films "Taxi", "Taxi-2", "Taxi-3", "Taxi-4", "Leon" and other 48 films).
The Eco-Team of France took part in the Rally Stage RU1 Moscow-Saint Petersburg. Video of the Rally on November 18 - TASS press conference (
Rally Video reports on Dec 2- ( ) Nov 18- ( ) Nov 4- ( ) TASS press conference on Oct 6- ( )
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Festival "Common History For Mutual Understanding" RU-USA

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