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Articles. Who will abolish sanctions first, Russia or the United States?

(Alessandro San Giorgio)
There is a unique genre in the science fiction literature, the only one that S. King and R. Bradbury didn't write. And this is the alternative history.
Perhaps the most outstanding world master of this genre was the great Harry Harrison (Henry Maxwell Dempsey), who passed away 5 years ago. Let's imagine that Russia immediately unilaterally introduces the most favored nation treatment in trade with the US now and abolishes all retaliatory sanctions with the United States, and later with the EU. Science fiction? But there is nothing to stop looking in the mind's eye into the possible future and even to calculate possible benefits or damages, and then to become authors of the alternative history in the real life. Historically, a significant trade turnover was the basis of particularly friendly relations between Russia and the United States. Everything begins with trade, followed by investment. Authoritative voices are often heard that Russia did not come up with sanctions. It is not Russia who initiated them. But if so, why Russia plays the international adventure game, initially giving the initiative to the opponent. Russia is not in the sporting form to give someone a head start. Moreover, this is not a game, but a political play. And Russia does not know either the scenario with the content of the next act, or the director. From retaliatory sanctions, Russian companies suffer losses not less than US and European companies from sanctions. Russia in general can declare the introduction of the gold standard, and this, even at the level of expectations, will completely undermine the entire world monetary system, and everyone will not be up to the sanctions. It's high time to pay attention to the fact that US companies strictly comply with the sanctions, even with exaggerated zeal and caution, while companies from other countries meanwhile, without competition from the Americans, quietly occupy the market share of American companies in Russia (and receive record dividends in Russia) and the share of Russian companies in the US markets. Thus, sanctions are a gross violation of the rules of free competition on the market by the US government against their own US companies in favor of foreign companies. At the same time, other countries with consistent anti-Russian rhetoric are also consistently using the US government and the US Congress against American companies. The abolition of Russia's response sanctions may recall Mr. Gandhi's policy of not resisting evil with violence or N.Mandel's peaceful struggle with apartheid. However, the above factors make such alternative history even more effective, and in the shortest possible time. The vector of the opponent's efforts is redirected and ... Zansin. But why Russia always considers the country as a rival, not a friend and ally, which Russia helped itself 200 years ago to become a great world power...

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