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Natural Tech News

Cars, chargers, batteries, engines, new energy, refuel stations, H2 generation. Electric, hydrogen, solar, robotic artificial intelligence, aero.
Sept 28, 2018. Electric. 86 new EVs were sold in 28 regions of Russia.
Sept 14-21, 2018. Tesla NEWS. Autopilot, free charging.

Sept 19, 2018. Solar. Toyota, SPARX. "Mirai Renewable Energy Fund"

Sept 13, 2018. EV. 2.5 mio EV charging spots of ChargePoint by 2025

Sept 13, 2018. Robotic. Volvo EV truck Vera (concept but driving)

Sept 12, 2018. Aston Martin. 1st EV- Rapide E. 1st luxury EV marque- Lagonda

Sept 1, 2018. Solar. Sun Trip France-China by solar-electric bicycles

Aug 31, 2018. Trailer for EV. Dethleffs.

Aug 30, 2018. Batteries. Solid-state lithium. Albemarle (USA)

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