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United Nations Eco-Expedition Round-The-World Non Stop

Electric, hydrogen, solar, robotic artificial intelligence, flying.

Sept 15, 2018. START in Amsterdam

Anybody can join even for a day (individuals, corporates, Universities, celebrities, Presidents, Partners) to support new energy, environment friendly transportation and infrastructure, protection of climate, ecology and animals. Apply to, +7499 381 071.
The United Nations - Captain Fedor Konyukhov, the United Nations Environment Program goodwill Ambassador,
the world famous traveler, 6 round-the-world voyages, world and Guinness records, the only person in the world who reached all 7 peaks (including Elbrus) and 5 Poles of the Earth: the Northern Pole geographic (3 times), the Southern Pole geographic, the Pole of relative inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean, the Jomolungma (the altitude Pole), Cape Horn (Pole of yachtsmen), crossed alone the Atlantic ocean (46 days) and the Pacific ocean (159 days), overcame the S.Fossett's record in 2016 when traveled around the world in a balloon (35'168 km in 268 hours);
France- Samy Naceri,
Palme d'Or of the Cannes film festival, lead actor of 48 films including the Luc Besson's films);
Russia- Andrey Chernomyrdin,
Co-Chairman, RU-USA®;
U.S.A.- Fabien Cousteau,
world underwater record, participant of expeditions of J-Y.Cousteau;
invited environment activists from Norway, Italy, France:
from Norway- Olav Heyerdahl, from Italy- Rosita Celentano, from France- Marion Cotillard (Greenpeace Ambassador).

(1) Non-stop round-the-world all green energy adventure identifying future cars & energy (no finish non stop; no favor to any energy);
(2) Climate change & ecology research, monitoring of CO2 emissions, water, air, food, radiation;
(3) Prepare H2 stations and DC chargers infrastructure round-the-world charging/refuel with solar, wind, H2 generation and grid connection every 100-200 km; the more we drive the more such complexes will be, more people will drive and live nature friendly around the world and vice versa; it is useless to protect climate and environment in one country;
(4) Technologies for sustainable environment, eco quality of living, noiseless clean towns, highways and trees, new energy, nature analogue technologies, artificial intelligence, roads;
(5) Animals, birds, fish protection: monitoring endangered species, fencing highways to stop road death;
(6) Cleaning polluted areas and Round-table meetings, Hydrogen Council extension;
(7) Reality film about people and companies which do real actions for the Earth, future living, sports, technological breakthrough for climate, environment, animals protection, about the Eco-Expedition, new energy and transportation, dialogue of cultures, nature, animals, climate change in Europe, Russia, U.S.A., historical places of J.Cook, V.Bering (to follow Oscar films of J-Y.Cousteau, A.Gore, about T.Heyerdahl);
(8) Charity drives (celebrities, kids) and Charity Eco-Fest on 6 continents;
(9) Eco-Rally route: on public roads from the extreme east to the extreme west of 2 continents, for new energy technologies to prove reliability on long distances with electric, hydrogen, solar Champions;
(10) 2020 new round-the-world laps: Amsterdam<=>Cape Town (S.Africa); Amsterdam<=>Melbourne (Australia); Anchorage<=>Santa Cruz (Argentina)

Hydrogen vehicles

Electric vehicles

Solar vehicles

Winners and participants of World Solar Challenge in Australia

RU-USA Registration

Apply for the Registration to (+7 499 3811071, +7925 8994677)

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