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2018 Eco-Rally Rules
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They think they know the future. But we create it now.
CUP-2018 AMSTERDAM/ LISBON<=>SAINT PETERSBURG<=>NEW YORK CITY RU-USA® “New Amsterdam” May 25 - August 15. WELCOME PARTICIPANTS AND PARTNERS Dear Friends! Welcome to drive to the football World Cup by electric car (no visa is required). France, Belgium, England and Croatia are in 1/2 finals and will play on July 10, 11, 14, 15 (Final). See the results on We will provide fast DC charging every 150 km and even every 70 km if needed, H2 refueling or ferry/trailer if you join Eco-Rally on July 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 24. It is a Transcontinental Eco-Rally (Amsterdam<=>St.Petersburg<=>New York City<=> Amsterdam) electric, hydrogen, solar but you can do just 1 Stage. The Special Stage Prize Saint Petersburg - Moscow- Nizhniy Novgorod is 100'000 euro. The registration fee includes 4-5 star hotel and 2 football tickets (with the Fan ID which provides free access to museums and sights, intercity trains). Please apply to, +7925 899 4677, +7499 381 071
September 8- Robo Eco-Race, September 9 - ABB Formula E,
from September 8, 2018 - Qualifies every 2 weeks- Cup- 2019

(1) Amsterdam/ Lisbon<=>Saint Petersburg<=>New York City; (2) Amsterdam<=>Cape Town (S.Africa); (3) Amsterdam<=>Melbourne (Australia); (4) Anchorage (USA) <=>Santa Cruz (Argentina)

Starts on: May 25, weekly from June 13 to the football World Cup (June 14-July 16), July 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and resumes on July 17, 24.
Starts at: simultaneously from Lisbon, Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg, New York City or join in your city (see check points) in opposite directions on public roads (observing traffic codes).
Entry Fee: €2,000/ Eco-Team per Stage (€0 for leaders of Qualifies); compulsory insurance: €75/ person - air-ambulance evacuation; €190/car- 3rd party bodily injury; total Eco-Rally- €15,000/ Eco-Team (covers chargers, free accommodation, dinners & ocean transfer, 2 tickets to the FIFA World Cup)
Pit stops 24 hours in Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and in reverse order; on May 25-26 at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum and on June 14 in Moscow at the Opening of the football World Cup
Check points: in North America: Philadelphia, Charlotte, Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, El Paso, Phoenix, L.A., or Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Pittsburgh, Chicago, Davenport, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento, or Columbus, Indianapolis, Peoria, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento, Portland;
in Eurasia: Dusseldorf/ Madrid, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Milan, Zurich, Stuttgart, Warsaw, Kaunas/ Riga, Novgorod, N.Novgorod/ Ryazan, Kazan/ Samara, Tyumen, Omsk, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk
Finish In Amsterdam/ Lisbon starting in New York City; in New York City starting in Amsterdam/Lisbon
Prizes: Eco-Rally Cup-2018 (€1 mio), Prize II (€0.3 mio), III (€0.2 mio), scores, “Spielberg Quest keys”; per Stage Prize I-III, scores (7 leaders) each class Eco-Teams, producers: fastest, efficient, reliable; Aggressive Eco-Team Prize (€0.1 mio); Participation Award.
Distance 19'200 km (12,000 miles) year-round average (U.S.National Renewable Energy Lab) for reliability

=Road transport and infrastructure for sustainable environment, noiseless and clean highways, towns, trees=
=Environment & animals protection (bushes/ grids fences to stop road deaths of animals and people)=
=Competition as ABB Formula E but serial, long distance to identify the future transportation & energy source=
= Nature analogue technologies = Energy transition extending the Hydrogen Council =
= Innovative technologies, ideas, artificial intelligence, scientific research = New international trade routes =
= Travel and adventure from the extreme west to the extreme east of 2 continents, Eurasia & North America =
= Understanding the culture diversity and originality of the Eco-Rally regions, cultural exchange =
= Charity donations & drives of football stars with kids from orphanages, hospitals, poor families=

(1) traffic codes (10-30 minutes penalty; disqualification after 3 penalties), laws, regulations; (2) hydrogen, electric, solar energy (no hybrids); (3) use public roads; (4) please submit applications to; (5) cars classes: C, D, E, F, S, M, J, crossover, SUV, trucks, challenger and cruiser solar cars; (6) the Organizing Committee supports with import permits, certifications, visas; (7) 2 (minimum 1) gas or other escort cars per Eco-Team (500 m in front and 5 sec behind); (8) check-points for 30 minutes

Cars. Rental or sale with re-purchase.
Partners provide Tesla S (2013) for rent at €5'700/month, purchase (2014) for €50'000 and Tesla X for €100'000 with re-purchase after the Eco-Rally. These cars are in the video of November 4

Private, world stars of films and TV celebrities (S.Naceri (“Taxi”, “Leon”), Fyodor Konyukhov (world records), others), Universities, Sponsors, producers (ABB, Arup, Mitsui, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Rosseti, Samsung, ThyssenKrupp), hydrogen stations, fuel cells (Linde, Air Liquide, Shell, Vattenfall, Ballard, others)

2.5 billion worldwide; TV on-line & Diaries, Eco-Rally TV, website. The charity Rock Eco-Festival is inspired by the 2007 Live Earth rock festival of Albert Gore simultaneously on 6 continents.
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage EU1 Amsterdam- Dusseldorf- Warsaw<=2'356 km/ 1,464 mi=>Saint Petersburg
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage EU2 Lisbon- Monaco- Milan- Zurich<=5'025 km/ 3,123 mi=>Saint Petersburg
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)”Stage RU1 Saint Petersburg<=713 km/ 443 mi=>Moscow
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage RU2 Moscow-Kazan/Samara-Ekaterinburg<=3'350 km/ 2,082 mi=>Novosibirsk
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage RU3 Novosibirsk<=5'702 km/ 3,543 mi=>Vladivostok
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage US3 Seattle<=1'300 km/ 808 mi=>San Francisco
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage US2 San Francisco<=4'534 km/ 2,817 mi=>Washington DC
Prize I-III “(Sponsor)” Stage US1 Washington DC<=362 km/ 225 mi=>New York City

Starts at 8:30 am; in Moscow from Mercury Tower Moscow City.
Cup-2018 Qualifies in 2018: May 12, April 28, 14, March 31, 17, 3, February 10, January 20; in 2017: December 23, 2 (video- ), November 18 (video- ), November 4 (video- ), October 6 TASS press-conference (
Cup-2019 Qualifies in 2018: September 8, 22, October 6, 20, November 3, 17, December 1, 15.
Scores per Stage: 1 (2 in winter) for 3 leaders (Eco-Teams, producers), each class


Transcontinental Eco-Rally "New Amsterdam" Qualifies 2018 Results

2018 Qualifies results. Greetings to the Winners: Eco-Team «Melman» (Captain V.A.Rakitsky) on the electric BMW i3, Eco-Team «EnergyGeek» (Captain D.V.Sysoev) on the electric Nissan Leaf, Eco-Team «Cyberrush» (Captain I.Yu.Volkov) on the electric Tesla Model S P85+, who drove in snowfall and minus 10°С temperature and passed in record time 785 km from Mercury Tower Moscow City to the President Library in Saint Petersburg by the public roads complying with the traffic rules and the Rally Rules. The details of the route of the Eco-Teams, driving time and charging time will be published. The Finals Table will provide advantages to these Eco-Teams for the hard weather conditions and low temperatures in which they boldly performed.
17 international Eco-Teams on electric Tesla, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, smart electric drive, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, EL Lada took part in 8 Rallies Stage Moscow-St.Petersburg of the Trans-Continental Rally from October 2017 till February 2018. The Eco-Rally Organizing Committee checked the service and compliance of the technical characteristics of all electric cars with the Eco-Rally Rules, the validity of driving licenses and documents certifying the identity of the members of the Eco-Teams, the state of their health, instructed them on the Eco-Rally Rules, the route and checkpoints of charging. From December 2, 2017 to February 9, 2018 (except for the days of the Rally, the stations are on the route), the Organizing Committee together with ABB and the Mercury Tower Moscow City provided the fast-charging stations ABB Terra 53 at the Starting line in front of the Mercury Tower Moscow City - for the first time 2 fast-charging stations at 1 place and for the first time in Moscow City. On the days of the Rally, as on February 10, 2018, the Organizing Committee distributed the fast charging stations ABB Terra 53 to the charging stops on the M10 highway, in cooperation with PAO "Rosseti" and ABB connected them and made sure of effective work. Special transport of the Organizing Committee with fast charging stations ABB on board accompanied the Rally Eco-Teams on the Rally route. Since December 2, 2017, the fast charging station ABB Terra 53 from the Rally Organizing Committee, ABB and Rossetti, has been operating in Rosseti in Valday which for the first time provided an opportunity for all electric cars to travel fast from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and now it charges simultaneously 2 electric cars of all makes and models with all charging standards. On February 10, 2018 at 9:45 the Rally Teams started from the Mercury Tower Moscow City (Moscow, 15 1st Krasnogvardeysky Prospect) to the Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, 3 Senate Square) within the RU1 Rally Stage (785 km) by M10 and M11 highways across Moscow, regions of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod, Leningrad regions and St. Petersburg with chargers from Rosseti and ABB at the Mercury Tower Moscow City, Solnechnogorsk, Mokshino, Poddubki (Tver), B. Kiselenka (Torzhok), V.Volochok, Bologoe, Valday, Winy, Myasnoy Bor, Novgorod, Syabrenitsy, St. Petersburg at fast charging stations ABB Terra 53, as well as at other stations - FORA (GRPZ KRET "Rostekh"), EVLink (Schneider Electric). The Eco-Rally Organizing Committee agreed with the Department of Technological Development and Innovation of PAO Rosseti on the route, and subsidiaries DZO PAO Rosseti provided timely the charging of electric cars in 8 cities, 8 villages of 4 regions at 11 charging points every 70 km, where they met Rally Eco-Teams on escort cars of PAO Rosseti, having installed and turned on their charging equipment and charging stations of the Eco-Rally Organizing Committee PAO Rosseti made a significant contribution to the organization of the charging infrastructure for the participants of the Transcontinental Eco-Rally, namely the Department of Technological Development and Innovation of PAO Rosseti, the subsidiaries of PAO Rosseti, MRSK of Center, MRSK of the North-West. The support was provided by Rally Partners: Mercury Tower Moscow City, ABB (Sweden-Switzerland), Mercedes-Benz Rus (provided smarts electric drive and participated in the Roundtable of auto manufacturers, teams and guests of the Rally on electro, hydrogen, solar and robo- technologies) and the Fund "Middle class support & development". On February 11, the Eco-Rally Teams left St. Petersburg back to Moscow, and on all the way back to Moscow they were recharged by the subsidiaries of Rossetti, which showed their professionalism in the Rally on January 20-21 at -15 ° C, heavy snow and wind. On February 19, all data was received that the Eco-Teams had no traffic rules violations (penalty is 10 minutes for each violation). On February 22, the Eco-Rally Organizing Committee will approve the Protocols of registrations and video reports of the Eco-Teams at all checkpoints on the Rally route. We invited the Eco-Teams of the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, the Republic of Korea, all cities of Russia, universities - Moscow State University (with the proposal to create their own electro and solar-car), MGIMO, LNS Skolkovo, St. Petersburg State University, universities of 32 countries with solar cars in the World Solar Challenge, Jackie Chan, A.Schwartzenegger, L.Besson, J.Statham, M.Damon, L.DiCaprio, J.Bieber, E.Cutcher, A.Gore, S.Woznyak on their electric cars, the Gazprom team, "KAMAZ", "AvtoVAZ" on hydrogen cars (Honda and Toyota produce hydrogen from natural gas) and all others. Registration:, On November 18, 2017 the French team took part in the Rally for the first time . It was led by captain eco-pilot Samy Naceri (the winner of the Golden Palm Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival, the hero of the Luc Besson films "Taxi", "Taxi-2", "Taxi-3", "Taxi-4", "Leon" and another 48 films). Video of the Rally on November 18 - TASS press conference ( On December 2 for the first time and on December 23, 2017 again 2 Eco-Teams on 2 smarts electric drive passed 725 km from Moscow to St. Petersburg with Pit-Stop in Novgorod the Great, 2 Eco-Teams from Moscow, Ladies Eco-Team (I.Uvarova, O. Ershova) and a Gentlemen Eco-Team (M. Makhov, A. Bogolyubov, A. Chupilkin). On September 8-9, 2018 there will be the first city Eco-Race Moscow City RU-USA® on electric, hydrogen, solar, AI robotic cars (260.52 km, like Monaco Formula 1), 1st day for multi-seated and the 2nd day for single-seat cars. Invitations were sent to ABB, FIA and Formula E Holdings about ABB FIA Formula E participation and championship. The purpose of the Eco-Rally: the development of environmentally friendly transport and infrastructure (fast charge networks, hydrogen-electro-wind-solar systems, remote charging in traffic), the release of electric vehicles from the borders of cities and long-distance travel; new technologies in power engineering, artificial intelligence, electro, hydrogen, solar, AI robo-transport; protection of the environment, noiseless and clean roads, trees, measures to protect animals from roadside deaths; adventure and travel from the extreme west to the extreme east across Russia and the United States for 19,200 km (average car mileage per year); promotion of Russian culture and the development of the Russian Far East. For the Eco-Rally PAO Rosseti provided 11 additional charging opportunities and ABB provided ABB Terra 53 fat charging AC-DC stations (CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2) and AC stations: at the Mercury Tower Moscow City, in the Tver region in Mokshino, Tver (external freeway), Torzhok, V.Volochek, Bologoye, in the Novgorod region in Valday, Viny, Novgorod the Great, Myasnoy Bor, Syabrenitzy. You can use other charging stations on the route M10, in towns and villages. Controlling Pit-Stops are in Valday and Novgorod. The Organizing Committee installs and puts into operation the necessary quantity of charging stations prior to the start of the Rally on the whole route in the places coordinated with the Eco-Teams. The Organizing Committee provides the return of your cars to Moscow (cars carrier) and special conditions of staying in the hotels of Valday, Novgorod, St.Petersburg which are comfortable for the Eco-Teams. Rules: +10 minutes for violation of traffic rules; +5 minutes but excluding the waiting time in line at the charging station; -5 minutes and excluding the waiting time for others behind you in order to move jointly; sponsors' advertising on the cars is allowed. All the participants who completes the distance from Moscow to St.Petersburg will be shown in all our media resources specifying their time results, sponsors, etc and they will get an access to the rides with the significant Prize Fund from the cars producers prior to the Moscow City Race on May 12, 2018 as well as prior to the Race from May 25 till July 15 St-Petersburg-New York City. A separate competition of different models of cars and in the charging distance: >100 km, >200 km, >300 km. We welcome Eco-Teams of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novgorod and even France on their electric cars and the Eco-Teams of the universities MGU, MGIMO, MShU Skolkovo, SPbGU and others on their electric cars and on electric Smart Mercedes-Benz provided by the Rally Organizing Committee. Partners of the Rally: PAO Rosseti, Mercury Tower, ABB, Mercedes-Benz Rus. Please request the participation entry form:, +7499 381 1071 (7 days/24 hours) Rally Video reports on Dec 2- ( ) Nov 18- ( ) Nov 4- ( ) TASS press conference on Oct 6- ( )
Rally Partners: PAO Rosseti, Mercury Tower, ABB, Mercedes-Benz Rus. Live TV broadcasting.


RU-USA Hydrogen (Fuel Cell) cars Transcontinental Eco-Rally "New Amsterdam"

Hydrogen cars: Toyota "Mirai" ("Future") (charging is for free 3 min for 650 km; 100 km/h- 9 sec; max speed 175 km/h)
Hyundai Tucson FCV (max speed 160 km/h; charging is for 594 km; 100 km/h- 12.5 sec)
Honda FCV (Clarity Fuel Cell; charging is for 750 km)
Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell (charging is 3 min for 500 km)
Audi A7 Sportback h-tron quattro (100 km/h- 7.9 sec, max 180 km/h, charging is 4 hours for 500 km)...

RU-USA Electric vehicles 2018 Eco-Rally "New Amsterdam"

Audi Q6 E-Tron Quattro (max speed 210 km/h, 100 km/h- 4.6 sec; charging 8 hours for 500 km or 50 min with 150 kWt); Volkswagen e-Golf (100 km/h- 10.4 sec, charging 4 hours for 190 km, max speed 140 km/h); Volkswagen e-up! (100 km/h- 14 sec, max speed 135 km/h, charging 30 min for 150 km);

BMW i3 (100 km/h- 7.2 sec, max speed 150 km/h, charging 8 hours for 200 km);

Chevrolet Bolt EV (max speed 145 km/h, 100 km/h- 7 sec, charging 9 hours for 320 km; special- 1 hour);

Citroen C-Zero (with Mitsubishi Motors; max speed 130 km/h, 100 km/h- 16 sec, charging for 150 km); Citroen E-Mehari (cabrio; max speed 110 km/h, charging 8 hours for 200 km);

EL Lada (AvtoVAZ; Swiss MES S.A. engine, 100 km/h- 18 sec, max speed 130 km/h, charging 8 hours (special 30 min) for 207 km);

Hyundai IONIQ Electric;

Jaguar E-Pace; Jaguar I-Pace: on March 3, 2018 the British series "green" crossover I-Pace became available for pre-orders with soon delivery; competitor of Tesla Model X but cheaper (standard in Europe- €63,500), 480 km, 400 hp, 100 km/h - 4.8 sec, parts are from Range Rover Velar, battery 90 kW·h, charging from 50 kW for 1.5 hours to 80% and for 30 min for 130 km, Amazon Alexa assistant is available on board for communication with the car (calculates the charge till the charger, sounds the onboard and screens data but cannot call the car to come like Tesla Model X).

KIA Soul;

Mercedes-Benz (Generation EQ; Smart; Urban eTruck; MB Vision Van (with Matternet); Mercedes-Maybach coupe; F015; MB Sprinter Van; Mercedes Bus auto pilot; Mercedes EV1 extra fast);

Mitsubishi i-MiEV (charging 7 hours (min 1 hour) for 160 km, 100 km/h- 9 sec, max speed 130 km/h);

Nissan Leaf (100 km/h- 10 sec, charging 8 hours (min 30 min) for 160 km);

Opel Ampera-e (100 km/h- 7 sec, max speed 145 km/h, charging 9 hours for 500 km);

Renault Fluence Z.E.; Renault Kangoo Z.E.; Renault Twizy (max speed 80 km/h, charging 3.5 hours for 120 km); Renault Zoe (charging 6-9 hours (min 3 hours) for 240 km, 100 km/h- 13.5 sec, max speed 135 km/h);

Tesla Model X; Tesla Model 3 (100 km/h- 5.6 sec, max speed 209 km/h, charging for 354 km); Tesla Model 3 Long Range (97 km/h- 5.1 sec, max speed 225 km/h, charging for 499 km); Tesla Model S 60 (100 km/h- 5.5 sec, max speed 210 km/h, charging for 375 km); Tesla Model S 60D (100 km/h- 5.2 sec, max speed 210 km/h, charging for 351 km); Tesla Model S 75 (100 km/h- 5.5 sec, max speed 230 km/h, charging for 400 km); Tesla Model S 75D (100 km/h- 5.2 sec, max speed 230 km/h, charging for 417 km); Tesla Model S 90D (100 km/h- 4.4 sec, max speed 249 km/h, charging for 473 km); Tesla Model S 100D (100 km/h- 3.3 sec, max speed 250 km/h, charging for 430 km (record 1,078 km); Tesla Model S P100D (100 km/h- 2.5 sec, max speed 250 km/h, charging for 613 km); Tesla Roadster (100 km/h- 3.9 sec, max speed 201.1 km/h, charging 3.5 hours for 644 km); Tesla Roadster Sport (100 km/h- 0.2 sec)...

RU-USA Solar vehicles 2018 Eco-Rally "New Amsterdam"

Winners and participants of World Solar Challenge in Australia

RU-USA Registration 2017 Rally "New Amsterdam"

Please send your request for the Registration Form to (+7 499 3811071, +7925 8994677)- Organizing Committee of RU-USA Interactrive Line, Forum & Festival "Common History For Mutual Understanding".

Legal, visa, medical, technical and other services are available